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GCSEPOD is an exciting web-based resource which provides hours of downloadable video clips.

These clips cover all of the key learning points you'll need to know in order to pass your exams in Year 11. You can watch them on the internet, or download them on to your mobile devices - you'll be able to revise anywhere, and anytime!

"Want to get started? Look Here!"

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The School Day

Registration 08.30–08.55
Lesson 1 08.55–09.45
Lesson 2 09.45–10.35
Break  10.35–10.50
Lesson 3 10.50–11.40
Lesson 4 11.40–12.30
Lunch 12.30–13.20
Lesson 5 13.20–14.10
Lesson 6 14.10–15.00

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